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Max Ochs Hooray For Another Day

Track Listing :

1. Hooray For Another Day
2. Ain't Nobody High Raga
3. Crows
4. Victor's Rag
5. An Apple Place in Annapolis
6. Imaginational Anthem
7. In Christ There Is No East or West
8. Muse Sick
9. Oncones
10. Phil
11. Raga Puti
12. Stranger

Max Ochs Hooray For Another Day

"Hooray For Another Day" free mp3 download

Maryland's Max Ochs recorded two influential guitar pieces on a long out-of-print Takoma LP, 'Contemporary Guitar Spring '67', alongside tracks by John Fahey, Bukka White, Robbie Basho and Harry Taussig. 'Hooray For Another Day' contains exciting new instrumental works from this American Primitive master, including a new take on Fahey's arrangement of "In Christ There Is No East or West". The disc also contains several spoken word poems, one entitled "Phil", for Max's cousin, the late folk legend Phil Ochs. Max's tune "Imaginational Anthem" inspired the guitar compilation series of the same name on Tompkins Square. This album is a stirring personal statement from an overlooked yet vital American artist.

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