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Ryley Walker - The West Wind

Ryley Walker - The West Wind

Ryley Walker is a 24 year-old singer/songwriter and guitarist from Chicago. His debut album will be released in April 2014 on Tompkins Square.

"The West Wind" is Ryley's debut 3 song EP, featuring "The West Wind" from his forthcoming album on Tompkins Square, and two B sides : "A Home For Me" and "Sweet Little Betsy". The B sides will not appear elsewhere, digitally or otherwise.

The 12" is audiophile quality, 180g vinyl at 45rpm. Limited pressing of 1300 units.

"With the charming swagger of jazz-folk troubadour Tim Buckley and the resonant, full picking style of Bert Jansch, "The West Wind" comes from Walker's first widely available release, a three-song 12". With acoustic guitar in hand and a voice like browned butter, Walker swings and sways in a lush string-and-piano arrangement right out of Buckley's Starsailor; it slowly picks up to a swirling gallop without bucking the rhythm." - NPR Music

Ryley Walker - The West Wind

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