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Imaginational Anthem - Volume 7

1. On a Slow Passing Through a Ghost Town - Chuck Johnson (Oakland)
2. Culverts - Sean Proper (Florida)
3. Enchiridion - Norberto Lobo (Lisbon)
4. Trees Return to Soil - Simon Scott (UK)
5. Sea Retreat - DBH (UK)
6. Araucaria - Jordan Norton (Oregon)
7. The Great North American Wilderness - Kyle Fosburgh (Minneapolis)
8. Something, or Oil Paintings - Christoph Bruhn (Minneapolis)
9. USA Self - Michael Vallera (Chicago)
10. Red Bud Valley - Dylan Golden Aycock (Oklahoma)
11. 0/3 - M.Mucci (Malta)
12. Shadow Study at 6 am - Mariano Rodriguez (South America)
13. Olympic Peninsula Blues - Andrew Weathers (Oakland)
14. My Grandfather's 12 Gauge - Wes Tirey (North Carolina)

Imaginational Anthem Vol. 7

Imaginational Anthem Vol. 7' is compiled by 20 year old guitarist Hayden Pedigo, from Amarillo, TX. Hayden has recently been featured in Vogue and The FADER behind his own recent album release, 'Five Steps'. Hayden's curation represents a balanced cross-section across the modern solo acoustic guitar spectrum. Vol. 7 is also the most geographically diverse of all volumes in the series, with players hailing from Lisbon, Malta, South America and the UK as well as the US. As with previous volumes, this one truly represents the state of the art - an area of evolving musical expression that is very vibrant and healthy indeed.

Imaginational Anthem Vol. 7

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