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Imaginational Anthem Vol. 5

Track Listing :

1. Temple Walk - Steve Gunn
2. I Think We'll Be Happy Here- Jordan Fuller
3. Lookout Point- Danny Paul Grody
4. There Is A Place In This Old Town- Nick Schillace
5. Hemet Pine Singer- Will Stratton
6. John Fahey Commemorative Beer Can- Bill Orcutt
7. Confederate Rose- Daniel Bachman
8. Through A House Of Violet Abandon- Eric Carbonara
9. Her Unmediated Eyes- Tom Lecky
10. Standing At The Entrance Of A Hidden City- Alexander Turnquist
11. Modern Man In Search Of A Song- Cam Deas
12. Rivers Gone Badly Wrong- Yair Yona

Imaginational Anthem vol. 5

Since 2005, Tompkins Square label's 'Imaginational Anthem' compilations have featured some of the greatest acoustic guitarists in the world, with recordings spanning five decades. More than mere samplers, these albums have served as state-of-the-art dispatches from the front lines of the art form. The first three volumes, available as a low-priced box set, intermingled generations of American Primitive players - lost, forgotten masters next to contemporary players. Volume 4 saw a departure from that formula, featuring only new jack players. Volume 5 also features the current crop of younger players, but with a twist. This is the first volume not compiled by Tompkins Square's Josh Rosenthal. Instead, he recruited guitarist Sam Moss.

The result is a gorgeous panoramic view of contemporary guitar, full of agile finger-style, and a few jagged detours.

There are several ways to buy the series : Each volume individually ; the first three in a low priced box set ; or all five as part of the 6-CD box set, 'Imaginational Anthem vols. 1-5'. The limited edition 6CD box (only 999 units) features all five volumes in their original packaging, plus an exclusive live disc from William Tyler (Lambchop), entitled 'Elvis Was A Capricorn.' All five IA volumes are also available digitally. Enjoy !

Imaginational Anthem vol. 5

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