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Imaginational Anthem Volume Two

Track Listing

1) James Blackshaw – “River of Heaven”
2) Peter Lang – “Future Shot at the Rainbow”
3) Jose Gonzalez – “Suggestions”
4) Jesse Sparhawk – “Light Cycle/Tetrahedra”
5) Michael Chapman – “Leaving The Apple”
6) Sean Smith – “What Blooms in Summer Dies in Winter”
7) Fred Gerlach – “Devil's Brew”
8) Christina Carter – “Ascend Mem”
9) Jack Rose – “Cross The North Fork II”
10) Billy Faier – “New World Coming”
11) Sharron Kraus – “Looking For The Hermit’s Cave”
12) Robbie Basho – “Kowaka D'Amour”

Imaginational Anthem Volume Two

Sean Smith - free mp3 download “What Blooms in Summer Dies in Winter”

Here are some highlights among the twelve tracks comprising Imaginational Anthem Volume 2—all previously unreleased on CD in the US:

• “Kowaka D'Amour” by Robbie Basho (1940-1986), the first live recording ever issued by this legendary artist

• “Devil's Brew” by Fred Gerlach, a 1975 home recording by this masterful 12-string guitarist— cited as an influence by Jimmy Page

• New performances recorded expressly for IA2 by such emerging major talents as Berkeley’s Sean Smith and (from the UK) James Blackshaw and Sharron Kraus.

• New recordings of compositions by original Takoma recording artists Peter Lang (“Future Shot at the Rainbow”) and Billy Faier (“New World Coming”).

Featured on National Public Radio’s “Weekend Edition,” Imaginational Anthem Volume 1 earned an “A minus” review from Entertainment Weekly. In Rolling Stone, David Fricke wrote: “The history and beauty here speak for themselves, at the perfect volume.”

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