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Hiss Golden Messenger : Poor Moon

Hiss Golden Messenger : Poor Moon

"Westering" free mp3 download

"Mystical country, like an eerie yellowing photograph" - David Bowie

"A small but grand statement, recorded in a week, but achieving country-soul greatness"
- UNCUT * * * * stars

"MC Taylor writes folk music that is at once firmly steeped in tradition and immediately accessible." - NPR Music

"Fans of Will Oldham and Bill Callahan will find much to admire in the work of MC Taylor, a revivalist who also lectures in folklore." - Guardian UK

Hiss Golden Messenger is Durham, North Carolina-based songwriter M.C. Taylor, in partnership with multi-instrumentalist and recordist Scott Hirsch, who lives in Brooklyn. The pair have been playing music together for nearly two decades. Poor Moon is the fourth proper Hiss Golden Messenger release, and serves as the best summation thus far of Taylor's lone journeys through the dark night of the soul. "God is good, and it's understood," he sings. "But he moves in mysterious ways." Poor Moon is a singular vision, one that only two companions could have made after twenty years of music-making, revelry, and repent.

Featuring members of Black Twig Pickers, D. Charles Speer & the Helix, and Brightblack Morning Light.

Hiss Golden Messenger : Poor Moon

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Hiss Golden Messenger : Poor Moon

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