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Dino Valente

Dino Valente

First-ever vinyl re-issue of the 1968 psych classic by Dino Valente (Quicksilver Messenger Service)

First time commercially available in glorious MONO

Recorded under the supervision of Bob Johnston (Dylan, Cohen, Cash)

Remastered from the original tapes by Grammy-winning engineer Warren Russell-Smith

Original liner notes by Ralph Gleason

Dino Valente's best known tune, 'Get Together', served as a counter-culture anthem for millions. He was also lead singer for seminal San Francisco psychedelic band Quicksilver Messenger Service. But it's his lone solo LP which has often been held in the same vaunted company as Skip Spence's 'Oar' as a lost, forgotten classic. The album continues to inspire new generations of artists, such as James Toth of Wooden Wand, who says, "This long overdue reissue is a public service to loners, stoners and dreamers everywhere. Buy two copies; you will wear the first one out." Matt Valentine of MV&EE also effuses, "It's a masterpiece . . . the songs, the vibe, the verb, the cojones. A stoned out killer - an LP that I continue to listen to regularly to this day. It was a huge influence on my first solo LP "Space Chanteys" and the production is awe-inspiring, in many ways ground zero for my spectrasound techniques."


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