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Shawn David McMillen - Dead Friends
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Shawn David McMillen - Dead Friends

Shawn David McMillen is a guitarist living in Austin, TX. Along with various compilations, cdrs, cassettes and LPs, SDM has appeared under his own name via 'Catfish' [Tompkins Square], 'End Of The City' [dnt,abandon ship] and now, 'Dead Friends'. Past involvements have included Friday Group, Ash Castles, Max Ochs, Jandek, warmer milks, Tom Carter, Christina Carter, Peter Walker, Ralph White, Starving Weirdos, Steve Gunn, Marc Orleans and more recently Gel Jail with Mikey T and Greg Bachus [both from warmer milks].

'Dead Friends' has El. and A. Guitars, Strings, Piano, Electronics, Vocals, Fiddle, Drums, and Tapes. All rendered in amber fidelity. From "Phantom Rivers" to "Sick on Navasota" it's all here. A real slow burner. This record is for Mike, David, Larry Jr, Dotie, Gina, Nessa, Baraka, Max, Jack, Jerry, Charlie, Jim, Carrie, Larry, Kevin, Harmony and Doug....

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Shawn David McMillen - Dead Friends

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Shawn David McMillen - Dead Friends>
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