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MAY SALE ! Good thru June 1…

Saturday, May 19th, 2018

Tompkins Square welcomes summer with a sale on select titles. Buying is EASY. Select the items you want, add them up, and Paypal us the total using this link. Please include your address in your Paypal notes. Shipping is FREE in the US. For Int’l orders – place your order and then we will send you an invoice for shipping.

** A minimum order of two items is required for this sale
Sale ends June 1 – thanks ! **

The following are $10 each:

When I Reach That Heavenly Shore : Unearthly Black Gospel, 1926-1936 (3CDs)
People Take Warning : Murder Ballads & Disaster Songs, 1913-1938 (3CDs)
Aimer Et Perdre : To Love & To Lose – Songs, 1917-1934 (R Crumb art) (2CDs)
I’m Going Down to North Carolina : The Complete Recordings of The Red Fox Chasers (1928-1931) (2CDs)

The following are $5 each :

Imaginational Anthem Volume 5
(w/Steve Gunn, Bill Orcutt, Daniel Bachman et al)
Roland White – I Wasn’t Born To Rock n Roll
Bob Brown – The Wall I Built Myself (Produced by Richie Havens)
Harvey Mandel – Snake Pit
Smoke Dawson – Fiddle
Harry Taussig – Fate Is Only Once
Michael Chapman – Fish
Roscoe Holcomb – San Diego State Folk Festival 1972
Unheard Ofs & Forgotten Abouts, 1916-1964
Tom Armstrong – The Sky Is An Empty Eye
Imaginational Anthem vol 4 (w/Chris Forsyth, William Tyler, C Joynes, et al)
Richard Osborn – Endless
Imaginational Anthem vol 1 (w/ Sandy Bull, Glenn Jones, Jack Rose et al)
Charlie Louvin : Hickory Wind – Live at the Gram Parsons Guitar Pull
Philip Lewin – Am I Really Here All Alone ?
Harry Taussig – Fate Is Only Twice
Imaginational Anthem vol 6 : Origins of American Primitive Guitar
(w/ Riley Puckett, Sylvester Weaver, Sam McGee et al)
Spencer Moore – s/t

Just out !
Entourage – Ceremony of Dreams : Studio Sessions & Outtakes, 1972-1977
Duck Baker – Les Blues Du Richmond : Demos & Outtakes, 1973-1979
Rick Deitrick – Home Grown : Recordings, 1969-1979

Coming !
Gwenifer Raymond – You Never Were Much of A Dancer – June 29th

Tuesday, May 15th, 2018

“Understated” is how Dusty Groove describes Rick Deitrick. That’s one aspect separating him from the solo acoustic guitar pack (along with his insistence on playing in standard tuning). We became fascinated with Rick after Brooks Rice and Michael Klausman put him on volume 8 of our Imaginational Anthem guitar series. This prompted our reissue of 1978’s Gentle Wilderness; the simultaneous release of River Sun River Moon (unissued works from the same era) ; and the newest release, Home Grown : Recordings 1969-1979.

** Home Grown : Recordings 1969-1979 is available NOW on every digital service, worldwide (Spotify, Apple, Amazon, bandcamp etc.) All tracks previously unreleased. **

** To celebrate the new release, we are offering both of Rick’s vinyl LPs, Gentle Wilderness and River Sun River Moon, at a special price ! (Price includes shipping)
For US, $20
For Canada, $35
For x-North America, $50
Please use this link to Paypal your amount. Good thru May 18th.
Be sure to include your address in your Paypal notes.

Thanks as always !